Meet the intrepid crew working to uncover the latest and greatest Nintendo news in the Mushroom Kingdom.

We are always out on the front lines, scouting hot leads and reeling in the big stories. We love to do it, because each of us in our own way is a big fan of Nintendo. We were born with controllers in our hands and Nintendo power in our blood. With over 100 years of gaming experience among us, we are just getting started!

You can contact each of us via our Google+, Twitter, or email links listed below. We’ll be sure to get back in touch with you promptly.

We are also always on the lookout for new talent to add to our wacky and fanatical staff.

Team Nintendo News

By day, Adam is a mild-mannered artist, musician, writer, and gamedev, but by night, he fights tirelessly in a three-day loop to keep the moon from crashing down.
Devin doesn't just love Nintendo, he lives it. Master of the Arwing, he does barrel rolls in his sleep and always uses bombs wisely. Writing not advised while flying, however.
When not pursuing a graduate degree or being foiled by the cheeky wiles of Captain Syrup, Dave spends his days ensuring Wily is defeated and Wario remains the best.
Kerry’s rescued more princesses than Mario and Link combined, yet she still finds the time to ink up turfs, train pocket monsters, and write for Nintendo News on a regular basis.
Kevin's a snobby (but classy) tea extraordinaire, seasoned sushi connoisseur, and cold weather lover. He also likes Pokémon, exploring Japan, and has perfected the art of making the perfect matcha.

Top Contributors

Bradley is an avid Nintendo fan who gobbles up their wacky adventures. He's probably strolling through the Mushroom Kingdom right now, getting trampled by Goombas.
David is a self-proclaimed expert on Electric-type Pokémon, which would explain his haircut. When he’s not writing for Nintendo News, he’s consistently finishing in third place in Mario Kart 8 online.
Joe learned to read by playing The Legend of Zelda. As a result, his advice is cryptic, but useful. If he's not playing video games, something terrible must have happened.
Like Tom Nook with bells, Kyle loves writing, voicing his opinion, and tipping the scales. He is, and will continue to be, a Nintendo fanboy during his time on PNF-404.
Martyn is a web developer by day and gamer by night. You'll usually find him scoffing at retail game prices, attempting to conquer his backlog, or writing for Nintendo News.
Shawn is a Super Nintendo fanatic at heart. A frequent visitor of Hyrule and Kanto, he always makes sure to take his 3DS and Ocarina along for the ride.