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Storm Boy: The Game Flocks To Nintendo Switch This November

Based on the classic children's book. Colin Thiele’s beloved 1964 children's book Storm Boy is currently in the process of being adapted to cine...

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Nintendo shares Lost Painting music from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)

Nintendo is back with a new piece of music for Super Smash Bros.

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Famitsu review scores (10/23/18)

This week’s Famitsu review scores are as follows: Neko Tomo (NSW) " 8/9/8/8 Magic Scroll Tactics (NSW) " 7/7/7/7 Perfect Angle (NSW) " 7/7/...

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Full Metal Furies Joins Rogue Legacy Next Month On The Switch eShop

25 percent off until 25th November. Following yesterday's eShop listing that revealed Rogue Legacy

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Deemo Physical Switch Edition Arrives In North America On 29th January

Make some noise. Following the news in September that a physical version of Deemo was comin...

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Death Mark – “Spirits” trailer

Aksys Games is back with the latest trailer for Death Mark.

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Nintendo Labo Is Rolling Out In Classrooms Across The US And Canada

Educating with cardboard. Since it was released, there's been much discussion about the potential educational purposes of Nintendo Labo

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Upcoming Japanese eShop releases (11/1/18)

Nintendo has updated the release schedule on its platforms for the week of November 1.

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September 2018 NPD: Best-selling games on Switch, 3DS, through 2018, last twelve months

Another round of data is in from this month’s NPD report.

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September 2018 NPD: top 20 best-selling games in the U.S.

NPD Group has released a listing of the top twenty best-selling games in the U.S.

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Deemo launches physically for Switch on January 29

PM Studios and acttil announced a release date for the physical version of Deemo today.

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Super Mario Odyssey celebrating first anniversary with 8-bit Luigi and Captain Toad in New Donk City festival

Super Mario Odyssey will be celebrating its first anniversary with a special event.

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Nickelodeon Kart Racers launch trailer

GameMill Entertainment issued a launch trailer for Nickelodeon Kart Racers, which is out now on Switch.

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Pokemon the Movie: The Power of Us full trailer

A new video is in for the English version of Pokemon the Movie: The Power of Us.

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Rogue Legacy dev also bringing Full Metal Furies to Switch next month

Yesterday we heard that Cellar Door Games is bringing Rogue Legacy to Switch on November 6.

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Hard West: Complete Edition confirmed for Switch

Thanks to some assistance from Forever Entertainment, Hard West: Complete Edition is seeing a release on Switch.

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Video: SpongeBob Tries To Do a Mario Kart With Nickelodeon Kart Racers

Decent characters, lacking character. Kart racers are undoubtedly a style of game popularised by the original Super Mario Kart, and for a while ba...

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Rocket League update out now (version 1.1.3 / 1.54)

A new update is out now for Rocket League.

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Pokemon GO Halloween 2018 event details confirmed

Not long after leaks started circulating, Niantic has confirmed details about this year’s Halloween event in Pokemon GO.

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Target bringing back B2G1 sale this weekend

The holiday season is quickly approaching, which means that retailers are starting to prepare some deals.

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Make Some Spooky Switch Savings On WayForward Games This Halloween In The US

Up to 30% off. If you like video games, and if you like saving money, then this current deal from WayForward Games could be right up your street....

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Windjammers Switch launch trailer

Windjammers has officially joined the Switch eShop, and DotEmu has prepared a launch trailer to celebrate.

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Sega AGES Devs Discuss Possibility Of Dreamcast Games On Switch Again, Emulation The Way To Go?

Only a matter of time? The first entries into Sega's AGES range on Nintendo Switch have finally arrived, with plenty more games still lined up to...

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Pokemon GO early Halloween 2018 event details leak

Halloween is almost here, which means that a new event is on the way to Pokemon GO.

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Rage in Peace launch trailer

As Rage in Peace gears up for its November 8 release on Switch, Toge Productions issued a new launch trailer.

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Review: Valkyria Chronicles - SEGA's Strategy Classic Still Shines Ten Years Later

Democracy is non-negotiable. For many Nintendo fans, last month’s Valkyria Chronicles 4

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Point-And-Click Adventure Nairi: Tower Of Shirin Secures A 29th November Release On Switch

"We wanted to offer something a little bit special". Indie developer HomeBearStudio has revealed that its upcoming point-and-click adventure Nairi...

Classic Neo Geo frisb-em-up Windjammers is out now on Switch

13 hours ago • eurogamer.net

Classic Neo Geo frisb-em-up Windjammers is out now on Switch

Data East's beloved Neo Geo sports classic Windjammers is finally available on Switch - and brings all the fancy bells and whistles, including onli...

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SEGA Ages devs again comment on the possibility of Dreamcast games on Switch

Following the SEGA Ages presentation at the Tokyo Game Show where Virtua Racing and the results of the most wanted fan poll were announced, Famitsu...

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Live The Life Of A Cat In Cattails, A Simulation RPG Pouncing Onto A Switch Near You

Sounds purrfect. Cattails , a cat simulation game which was originally released on PC, is...

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Storm Boy: The Game launches November 20

Blowfish Studios announced a release date for Storm Boy: The Game today.

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AtGames Disappoints Again With The Bandai Namco Flashback Blast

Bait and switch. With Christmas on the way, lots of folks will be tempted to pick up something like the AtGames' Bandai Namco Flashback Blast for...

Brilliant genealogical platformer Rogue Legacy launches on Switch next month

13 hours ago • eurogamer.net

Brilliant genealogical platformer Rogue Legacy launches on Switch next month

Cellar Door Games has announced Rogue Legacy, its superb genealogical rogue-lite platformer, launches on Switch on 6th November. Rogue Legacy orig...

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Ion Maiden coming to Switch in Q2 2019, unannounced FPS based on the original Quake engine in development

Duke Nukem and Shadow Warriors developer 3D Realms has announced a collaboration with 1C Entertainment to bring the first-person shooter Ion Maiden...

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Gear.Club Unlimited 2 – Performance Shop trailer

Microids and Eden Games shared the latest trailer for Gear.Club Unlimited 2 today that gives a look at the Performance Shop’s new features.

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Video: New Gear.Club Unlimited 2 Trailer Shows Off Extensive Car Customisation Options

Pimp your ride. A new trailer has been released for the upcoming Switch exclusive Gear.Club Unlimited 2, introducing players to the Performance Sh...

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Cat simulation RPG Cattails making its way to Switch next month

The cat simulation RPG Cattails is coming to Switch, Falcon Development announced today.

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Snakebyte Launches The Head:Set S, A Budget Gaming Headset Specifically Designed For Switch

One for Fortnite fans? Electronics hardware manufacturer snakebyte has launched a brand new gaming headset specifically designed for Nintendo Swit...

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Anniversary: Super Mario Bros. 3 Turns 30 Years Old Today

Feel old yet? Thirty years ago today, on 23rd October 1988, Super Mario Bros.

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Aces of the Luftwaffe: Squadron adds Nebelgeschwader DLC next month

HandyGames has announced that some significant DLC is on the way to Aces of the Luftwaffe: Squadron.

EA nerfs bicycle kicks in FIFA 19's first big gameplay patch

14 hours ago • eurogamer.net

EA nerfs bicycle kicks in FIFA 19's first big gameplay patch

FIFA 19 has its first big gameplay patch - and it makes a significant change to the game. Bicycle kicks are significantly nerfed, which is very mu...

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A Purrtato Tail heading to Switch next year

Drunk Robot Games has confirmed that it will release A Purrtato Tail on Switch.

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Windjammers Switch footage

DotEmu is bringing the classic game Windjammers to Switch via the eShop today.

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NAIRI: Tower of Shirin Switch launch trailer

As we found out last week, NAIRI: Tower of Shirin is slated for November 29 on Switch.

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Review: Windjammers - One Of The World's Greatest Two-Player Games Finally Comes To Switch

Insert disc to play. Stepping into any arcade in the '90s would see you engulfed by a familiar cacophony of sound; you would no doubt distinguish...

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The Walking Vegetables: Radical! Edition Brings Veggie-Shooting Mayhem To Switch Next Month

Plus zombies. Merge Games has revealed that its upcoming twin-stick shooter The Walking Vegetables: Radical! Edition

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Feature: Cat-Based Metroidvania A Purrtato Tail Is Clawing Its Way To Switch Next Year

Potatoes + Cats = Purrtato. We like potatoes and we like cats, so when we were told by Colorado-based Drunk Robot Games that its upcoming adventur...

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Castle of Heart update adds HD Rumble

7Levels has updated its action platformer Castle of Heart once again.

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 screenshots give first look at Master Raid mode

Bandai Namco has provided a first look at the newly-revealed Master Raid mode in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

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It Looks Like Piplup Could Be Your Next Build-A-Bear Pokémon Crossover

A cuddly and bubbly companion. It looks like The Pokémon Company and Build-A-Bear Workshop are set to announce yet another crossover plush toy, w...