31 Oct 2014

That Big-Grinned Kyle Mii Reappears In StreetPass Video

If that creepy Kyle Mii comes trick-or-treating at your door today, it's all good! He just wants to take you out for National StreetPass Weekend.
31 Oct 2014

Smash Bros. Development “Takes Its Toll,” Sakurai Says

Masahiro Sakurai discussed the exhausting effects Super Smash Bros. development has had on his health and social life, saying development is "beyond hard."
30 Oct 2014

Ashley Cleaning Cloth Set Now On Club Nintendo Japan

A two-piece Ashley Cleaning Cloth set is now available on Club Nintendo of Japan for 180 Points. Ashley is a teenage witch from the WarioWare series.
30 Oct 2014

UCraft Kickstarter Open, Game Delayed To 2015

Despite having said the game was nearly complete, Nexis Games opened a UCraft Kickstarter for their Wii U Minecraft clone and delayed the game to 2015.
30 Oct 2014

New Nintendo 3DS Sales Stronger Than Past Remodels

Early New Nintendo 3DS sales data reveal over 400,000 units have been sold in Japan in three weeks, making it Nintendo's fastest-selling remodeled device.
30 Oct 2014

Pikmin, Tom Nook, Bowser Amiibo Appear Imminent

Silhouetted images of Pikmin, Tom Nook, and Bowser amiibo — three figures yet to be officially announced — have been spotted on amiibo demo stations.
30 Oct 2014

Limited-Time Amiibo Figures Are On The Way

Nintendo's first amiibo figures will line store shelves next month with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. But limited-time amiibo will launch throughout 2015.
30 Oct 2014

This ResMed Sleep System Sure Seems Like QOL

The ResMed S+ sleep system has many things in common with Nintendo's QOL (Quality of Life) platform, including non-wearable and non-contact components.
30 Oct 2014

Pre-Download Feature Coming To Wii U, Nintendo 3DS

An upcoming option to pre-download Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games will allow players to download the bulk of a digital game's files before it releases.
29 Oct 2014

QOL (Quality Of Life) Platform Will Use Cloud Servers

Rest assured: Nintendo's QOL (Quality of Life) platform will use QOL Cloud Servers to measure, analyze, and provide recommendations for your sleep patterns.