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Three Classic Kirby Games Coming to Wii U eShop

Nintendo will add three classic Kirby games to the Wii U eShop on July 30, but they haven't yet announced which three games will be included.
Hightide Era Band Joins Splatoon

A new music band called Hightide Era will join Splatoon next week, but you can listen to the trio's debut hit, Hooked, right now.
Mattel Mario Hot Wheels Series Launches October 2015

Popular toy maker Mattel teams up with video game maker Nintendo to release a Mario Hot Wheels series, due for release October 2015.
The Mother Series Celebrates 26th Anniversary Today

Twenty-six years ago, on July 27, 1989, the Mother series began its classic journey in Japan on the Family Computer (Famicom).
Splatoon Private Battle Mode: Connect Eight Wii U Systems

Splatoon’s Private Battle mode will allow up to eight Wii U systems to share a single Internet connection when the game's big update arrives in August.
Inkling Boy Wasn't Always Planned for Splatoon

Splatoon's developers wanted a strong female lead for their game and at one time considered not including the Inkling Boy as a playable character.
Splatoon August 6 Update: Full Details

The Splatoon August update includes an increased level cap, two new matchmaking modes, new weapon types, and a large selection of new gear.
Big Splatoon Update Arrives August 6

The big Splatoon update arrives on August 6, bringing new team modes and weapons, with a period of scheduled maintenance taking place days prior.
Splatoon Soundtrack Plays Unexplained Creepy Sounds

The Splatoon soundtrack serenades the player with unexplained nightmarish sounds after defeating each boss in the game's single-player mode.
Kirin Japanese Splatfest Featured Themed Ink Colors

The latest Japanese Splatfest event between Kirin's Team Lemon Tea and Team Milk Tea allowed players to use ink inspired by their team's color.

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A Splatoon August Update Wishlist

A few things players want to see added with the Splatoon August update — maximum level increase, a Squidward DLC costume, more amiibo support.

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