24 Nov 2014

Scanning Amiibo In Pokémon Rumble U Summons Help

Scanning amiibo for games they're not intended for produces some rather interesting results, as one fan's experiment shows with Pokémon Rumble U.
23 Nov 2014

Super Smash Bros. Characters Meet Graphics Meltdown

These Super Smash Bros. characters are deformed, disfigured, and downright creepy. It's 100% nightmare fuel that you never wanted on a Sunday evening.
23 Nov 2014

Factory Defect Samus Amiibo Owner Shares Experience

Nintendo News caught up with the owner of that factory defect Samus amiibo, who is willing to sell the dual Arm Cannon bounty hunter for $1,000.
23 Nov 2014

Wave 2 Amiibo Release Date Set For December 14

U.S. retailer Walmart has told an inquiring fan that Wave 2 amiibo figures launch on Sunday, December 14. Interestingly, Amazon.com lists the same date.
23 Nov 2014

These Custom Amiibo Figures Are Bloody Fine Works

It didn't take long for artists to design their own custom amiibo figures. Check out these four amiibo based on Animal Crossing Villager, Link, and Pikachu.
22 Nov 2014

Defective Samus Amiibo Figure Has Two Arm Cannons

One of these things is not like the other. Someone recently claimed to have purchased a defective Samus amiibo figure that sports two Arm Cannons.
21 Nov 2014

Tasty Pikmin 3DS Theme Served Up Next Week

Order up! A new Pikmin 3DS theme is coming to a HOME Menu near you as early as next week; whether or not the Pikmin survive is another story...
21 Nov 2014

Dominion Rod, Ilia Costume Swing To Hyrule Warriors DLC

In the Hyrule Warriors Twilight Princess Pack DLC, Zelda will pick up the Dominion Rod as a new magical weapon and can dress up like the villager Ilia.
21 Nov 2014

Karissa The Destroyer Hoax Detailed By GameStop

GameStop explains how the Karissa the Destroyer hoax was pulled off. Professional gamer Liquid'KDJ, not a ten-year-old girl, was the real destroyer.
21 Nov 2014

Pokémon 3DS Themes Now Available In Theme Shop

Satisfy your Poké appetite with the Primal Groudon/Primal Kyogre and Onemuri Pikachu Pokémon 3DS themes, each available on the 3DS Theme Shop for $1.99.