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Super Mario Maker for 3DS is Already Mediocre At Best

The announcement of Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS during Thursday's Nintendo Direct was exciting, but the game is already very mediocre.
Callie & Marie Costumes Arrive in Super Mario Maker Next Week

Super Mario Maker players can unlock new costumes based on Splatoon Squid Sisters Callie & Marie by completing a new Event Course next week.
Shaun the Sheep Sneaking to Super Mario Maker

Nintendo and UK-based animation studio Aardman have teamed up to bring Shaun the Sheep, and his new Event Course, to Super Mario Maker on Friday.
Hello Kitty, My Melody Meet Super Mario Maker This Week

Nintendo and Japanese designer Sanrio have teamed up to bring fans Super Mario Maker costumes based on the Hello Kitty and My Melody characters.
Squid Sisters Costumes Discovered in Super Mario Maker

Data miners have discovered new Super Mario Maker costumes modeled after Callie and Marie, Splatoon’s iconic and fashionable Squid Sisters.
Super Mario Maker Update 1.43 Details

Super Mario Maker update 1.43 is now available to download worldwide, which brings only a few minor changes to the game's Course World area.
Ice Climber Duo Meets Super Mario Maker This Week

Classic 8-bit protagonist duo Popo and Nana, from Ice Climber, make their way to Super Mario Maker as the next unlockable costume this week.
BABYMETAL Meets Super Mario Maker Tonight

A Super Mario Maker costume and Event Course inspired by popular Japanese idol band BABYMETAL is coming to the game worldwide this evening.
Nintendo Addresses Deleted Super Mario Maker Courses

Nintendo has provided a short list of reasons that explain how players' courses uploaded to Super Mario Maker’s Course World can be deleted.
Unlock a Starfy Costume in Super Mario Maker on March 31

Starfy, the five-pointed protagonist from The Legendary Starfy series, will receive his own costume in Super Mario Maker on the eve of March 31.
Nintendo News Weekly - March 19, 2016

Catch up on the first Nintendo News Weekly video, where we talk about Pokkén Tournament’s global debut, Star Fox Zero, Miitomo, and more.
Unlock a Toadette Costume in Super Mario Maker

Following this evening's version 1.41 software update for Super Mario Maker, players can unlock a Toadette costume by clearing a new Event Course.