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Daily Quests Reportedly Coming to Pokémon GO

Data miners found program code in Pokémon GO’s latest software update on Android that references Daily Quests and possible new rewards.
Pokémon GO Halloween Event Awards Extra Candy

Pokémon GO Trainers can look forward to enjoying a Halloween event to earn extra Candy and encounter spooky Pokémon starting this Wednesday.
New Notification Options Available for Pokémon GO Plus

A few new notification options are now available for Trainers who search for Pokémon using the Pokémon GO Plus accessory, Niantic announced.
Pokémon GO Plus Japanese Cliffs Equals Less Suicide

Some of Japan's most scenic cliffs are also the country's most deadly, but PokéStops located near them have decreased suicide attempts.
Lapras Sighting Triggers Pokémon GO Frenzy in Japan

The rare Pokémon Lapras caused a frenzy among hundreds of Pokémon GO players when it appeared off the coast of Tokyo on Sunday afternoon.
Pokémon GO Player Mugged During Live Twitch Stream in New York

A Pokémon GO player was mugged in New York City's Central Park early Monday morning during a live Twitch stream for the popular mobile game.
Pokémon GO Plus Tracks Distance for Eggs and Buddy Pokémon

There's something you may not know about the Pokémon GO Plus accessory: it tracks walking distance for unhatched eggs and Buddy Pokémon.
Buddy Pokémon Easter Egg Discovered in Pokémon GO for Pikachu

Pokémon GO Trainers discovered an Easter egg that lets their Buddy Pokémon Pikachu ride on their shoulder, but it's no walk in the park.
Niantic Announces Buddy Pokémon Feature for Pokémon GO

A new Pokémon GO update will add a Buddy Pokémon feature that lets Trainers pick their favorite Pokémon to appear next to their avatar.
Buddy Pokémon Referenced in Latest Pokémon GO Update

Pokémon GO Trainers may soon be able to choose a "Buddy Pokémon" to accompany them on their adventure, according to the game's current code.

Niantic has chosen select Pokémon GO players to test out features for a potentially new tracking system, which re-introduces footprints.
Pokémon GO Hits 100 Million Installs on Android

Pokémon GO has now been installed more than 100 million times among Android users worldwide after launching just one month ago in the U.S.