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Super Mario Run Stickers Warp To App Store

Nintendo has released a set of free Super Mario Run stickers on the App Store for iPhone and iPad users ahead of the game's December debut.
Super Mario Run Sprinting to iOS in December 2016

Nintendo's next mobile game, Super Mario Run, is sprinting to iOS devices in December 2016, the company announced today at an Apple event.
New Pokémon GO Update Makes Several Changes

The latest Pokémon GO update, released yesterday on Android and iOS, makes several undocumented changes that players should know about.
Pokémon GO is Super Effective on Google Play, App Store

Pokémon GO hasn't quite been out for one week, yet it has already managed to be super effective on the Google Play and App Store charts.
Pokémon GO Begins Rolling Out on Android and iOS

Android and iOS users in Australia and Japan can now download the initial launch version of Niantic Labs' augmented reality Pokémon GO app.
Someone Made a Chat App for Pokémon GO

Niantic Labs' field test version of Pokémon GO doesn't have communication capabilities for Trainers, but one guy made a free chat app for it.
More Pokémon GO Invites Emailed to U.S. Testers

Pokémon GO developer Niantic Labs began distributing a second wave of email invites to eligible field testers in the United States yesterday.
Dokonoko, a Pet App From EarthBound Creator Shigesato Itoi

EarthBound creator Shigesato Itoi has released a mobile app called Dokonoko, a social network for bringing friends of cats and dogs together.
New Pokémon GO Screenshots and Details Released

The Pokémon Company has released a new batch of Pokémon GO screenshots and details into the wild, and U.S. Trainers start beta testing today.
Miitomo Popularity Begins Steady Decline

Nintendo's debut smart device app, Miitomo, is showing signs of declining popularity on the Android and iOS charts two weeks after its release.
Miitomo Joins Top 100 "Top Grossing" iPhone Apps

Nintendo's free-to-start social networking app, Miitomo, joined the top 100 list of "Top Grossing iPhone Apps" on the iOS App Store on Tuesday.
Miitomo Claims No. 1 Spot on iOS App Store Charts

Miitomo, Nintendo's first smart device application, has claimed the No. 1 position on the iOS App Store charts hours after launching in the U.S.