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No Mario's Sky Team Responds to Takedown Notice With DMCA's Sky

Nintendo squashed a fan-made game called No Mario's Sky, but the project's development team promptly responded with another game, DMCA's Sky.
Super Mario Maker for 3DS is Already Mediocre At Best

The announcement of Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS during Thursday's Nintendo Direct was exciting, but the game is already very mediocre.
The Legend of Kusakari Review (3DS eShop)

Despite some repetitiveness, The Legend of Kusakari's charming style, unexpected depth and heavy Zelda influence combine to deliver quick, punchy fun.
Metroid Prime: Federation Force Review (3DS)

While Metroid Prime: Federation Force isn't a good single-player game, it offers a fun co-op experience with plenty replay value and varied gameplay.
Unofficial Metroid II Remake AM2R: A Post-launch Follow-up

Nintendo News talked to the developer of AM2R, an unofficial Metroid II remake that released early this month, to see how things were going.
Jason Paige is Pokémon Theme's Super Effective Voice

Jason Paige, the original singer of Pokémon Theme, talked to Nintendo News about his early career and some challenges he faced along the way.
New Pokémon GO Update Makes Several Changes

The latest Pokémon GO update, released yesterday on Android and iOS, makes several undocumented changes that players should know about.
How EarthBound Helped Me Battle Mental Illness

During my first year of college I began experiencing a crippling mental illness, but with the help of a game called EarthBound I overcame it.
Your New Candy Drop Game Isn't Sweet Enough, Miitomo

Miitomo update 1.4, now available on Android and iOS, adds a few options and a flashy Candy Drop mini-game, but it just isn't sweet enough.
Learn How One Hospital Uses Pokémon GO to Help Patients

Patients at the University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital find physical therapy sessions more enjoyable, thanks to Pokémon GO.
How to Catch a Fake Trainer in Pokémon GO

Earlier today, Nintendo News published a story about a Trainer who "caught" Mew in Pokémon GO and, as most of you pointed out, it's fake.
Zarvot Shooting for Summer 2016 Release on Wii U eShop

Indie developer Samuel Eng of SnowHydra Games provided Nintendo News with new information about Zarvot, an upcoming Wii U eShop party game.