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How EarthBound Helped Me Battle Mental Illness

During my first year of college I began experiencing a crippling mental illness, but with the help of a game called EarthBound I overcame it.
Dokonoko, a Pet App From EarthBound Creator Shigesato Itoi

EarthBound creator Shigesato Itoi has released a mobile app called Dokonoko, a social network for bringing friends of cats and dogs together.
A Fistful of Movie Ideas for Nintendo

With Nintendo's recent interest in the film industry, we take a look at five of the company's popular IP that could work for a new movie.
Mr. Saturn, Master Belch Headed to Super Mario Maker

Mother series characters Mr. Saturn and Master Belch will each have their own Event Course in Super Mario Maker starting on December 19 in Japan.
Ackk Studios Talks About Their EarthBound-Inspired YIIK

We had the opportunity to speak with Ackk Studios about their upcoming EarthBound-inspired JRPG YIIK: A Postmodern RPG, due out this winter on Wii U.
Vinyl EarthBound Soundtrack Headed West in Early 2016

The original soundtrack for Mother 2 (EarthBound in North America) will be available, in vinyl form, to fans in America and Europe in early 2016.
Fils-Aime on Mother 3 Localization: "Never Say Never"

Following the recent release of EarthBound Beginnings, Reggie Fils-Aime says Mother 3 localization could happen if there's enough demand.
Earthbound Beginnings Announced For Wii U eShop

Starting today, fans in the West can download EarthBound Beginnings, known simply as Mother in Japan, from the Wii U Virtual Console service.
Smash Bros. Miiverse Stage, Lucas DLC Arrive June 14

Super Smash Bros. Lucas DLC, the Miiverse stage and Splatoon Inkling costumes will all be available beginning June 14, Nintendo announced.
Lucas DLC For Super Smash Bros. Planned For June

A host of add-on content is coming to Super Smash Bros., including Lucas DLC planned for June which will bring back a favorite fighter.
Ness Amiibo Figure Is GameStop Exclusive

GameStop has announced that the Ness amiibo, from the Wave 4 Super Smash Bros. series lineup, will be their next exclusive figure.

EarthBound, USA is a collaborative effort among fans to popularize the MOTHER series, in the form of a documentary. And it's aimed at the big screen in 2015.