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Hyrule Warriors Legends - A Link Between Worlds DLC Trailer

Nintendo has released the overview trailer for the Hyrule Warriors Legends - A Link Between Worlds Pack, which features Ravio and Yuga.
Ravio, Yuga Announced for Hyrule Warriors Legends DLC

Ravio and Yuga from Zelda: A Link Between Worlds arrive in Hyrule Warriors Legends as playable warriors via software update 1.6 next week.
Minecraft Chinese Mythology DLC Arrives in October

The next installment of Minecraft DLC, titled "Minecraft Chinese Mythology Mash-Up Pack," arrives in early October, a new trailer details.
Specter of Torment DLC Arrives in Shovel Knight Spring 2017

The newest campaign in Shovel Knight, Specter of Torment, is nearing the completion of development and is planned to arrive in spring 2017.
Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice September DLC Details

Capcom has announced the September DLC details for Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice, which includes costumes, 3DS themes and a third episode.
Possible Pokkén Tournament DLC for Darkrai, Scizor, Empoleon

Pokkén Tournament DLC may be near, as the game's latest patch, version 1.3, includes files related to Pokémon Darkrai, Scizor and Empoleon.
Fire Emblem Fates Map Pack 2 DLC Details

Nintendo has provided details for the Fire Emblem Fates Map Pack 2 DLC, which includes half a dozen new maps and one piece of bonus content.
Bayonetta and Corrin Join Super Smash Bros. February 3

The Umbran Witch Bayonetta and Fire Emblem Fates' male Avatar Corrin arrive as DLC fighters in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS on February 3.
Fire Emblem Fates Map Pack 1 DLC Details

Nintendo has updated the Fire Emblem Fates website with details for the Map Pack 1 DLC, the first set of add-on content for the highly anticipated RPG.

The latest Super Smash Bros. software update, version 1.1.3, adds Square Enix DLC content such as Cloud Strife and Mii Fighter outfits.
Final Fantasy VII's Cloud Joins Super Smash Bros. Roster

Cloud Strife, the famous protagonist from Final Fantasy VII, will be a downloadable fighter in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.
All Xenoblade Chronicles X DLC is Free in the West

All Xenoblade Chronicles X character DLC will be included in the western versions at no additional cost when it arrives this December, Game Informer reveals.