Bigley’s Revenge Review (Wii U eShop)

Bigley is rekt m8

Bigley's Revenge Review (Wii U eShop)

Dank memes, confirmed Illuminati, 360 noscoping, swag-flavored chips, and dubstep music — yep, it’s another Wii U eShop game from indie developer Ninja Pig Studios. Bigley’s Revenge is a follow up to Ninja Pig’s most recent game, Meme Run, which was pulled from the eShop after only three months of disturbing meme action.

Bigley’s Revenge is a self-proclaimed first-person shooter, although that classification might be a bit of a stretch. While it is technically a FPS, the entire game takes place on a tiny square island in the sky where enemy Illuminati, cucumber dogs, and Bigleys slowly float toward you in what is basically an ugly survival mode. Being the FPS equivalent of an endless runner, the game’s premise is simple: the player earns points and cash while blasting away at the encroaching hordes of endless dank baddies and trying to survive their attacks, as well as the bad jokes, for as long as possible. If one of the enemies touches you, it’s game over.

With each kill, the enemies explode like a colorful meme-filled piñata, complete with a random audio cue, several meme phrases spiraling away from the explosion, Eyes of Providence, and bags of potato chips all falling like confetti. In return for each slain abomination, the player nets 100 points, and the goal is to score as many points as possible before one of the attackers closes in on you. Also, you are awarded $25 for every kill, which is spent during the frenzy on more ammunition or upgrades for better weapons. Additionally, some dispatched enemies provide the player with time-based power-ups, including faster reload times and slow-motion.

With such a simple premise, it couldn’t be too much to expect the game to be decent, could it?

Bigley's Revenge Review (Wii U eShop)

Unfortunately, Bigley’s Revenge offers no options menu — a necessity in the FPS genre. Due to this oversight, players are unable to adjust the slow turn-speed, aiming sensitivity, and most importantly, the ability to invert the Y-axis. Additionally, aiming and shooting are allocated to the L and R buttons, respectively, rather than the more intuitive and unoccupied ZL and ZR triggers.

The visuals of Bigley’s Revenge are intentionally unsightly and jarring, combining the bland 3D world and weapon models with 2D enemy sprites that have the artistic appeal of a four-year-old with a box of crayons. While this style has a certain droll quality, it also makes the player’s depth perception of enemies frequently difficult, making it hard to distinguish the biggest threat at any given time. In addition, the sound effects are deliberately unbalanced in volume and quality, and there are a total of two songs in the entire game: a tropical theme that plays for a brief few seconds during the loading screen and slow-motion sequences, and an obligatory dubstep song for everything else.

From the get go, it is clear that Bigley’s Revenge does not take itself seriously. While the game seems to have no story element, there actually is a plot to the madness — you just have to read it on the game’s eShop listing. And speaking of its eShop page, the genre for the game is officially listed as “Dank Memes” and the important information section informs potential customers that downloading the game will make them official Navy Seals. The appeal of the game is clearly in its obnoxious, meme-infused style, which gamers may or may not appreciate. To top it all off, while being entirely score-based, the game keeps absolutely no record of the player’s scores, let alone a much-needed online leaderboard system.

Although the presentation, gameplay, and content have the quality of a hideous web-browser game that I cannot earnestly recommend, it kept beckoning me to come back for more … which definitely counts for something.

Bigley’s Revenge launches on the Wii U eShop in North America on Thursday, January 7, 2015 at the price of $4.99.


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