Project Giant Robot, Project Guard Star Fox Missions?


Project Giant Robot, Project Guard Star Fox Missions?

Famed Nintendo developer, Shigeru Miyamoto, announced three new exclusive Wii U games at E3 2014, all showcasing different ways to utilize the Wii U GamePad: a long-awaited installment in the Star Fox series, Project Giant Robot, and Project Guard.

They all feature unique gameplay elements; players can take to the skies and blast away enemies in Star Fox, customize their own giant automaton and try to knock over other robots in Project Giant Robot, and manage twelve security cameras to eliminate robots — tower defense style — in Project Guard. They might seem like three totally different games, but could all just be pieces of one Wii U game.

For instance, the security cameras in Project Guard are emblazoned with a Star Fox logo, while the robots exiting the helicopter vehicle in Star Fox are similar to the robots players destroy in Project Guard. There definitely seems to be some sort of connection there. GameSpot recently asked Miyamoto if Project Giant Robot and Project Guard will appear in Star Fox, and here was his response:

Today, I’m only answering questions about the Star Fox games. But, there will be multiple different kinds of missions in the Star Fox games, so maybe something like that could appear. And I think the robot that came down from the helicopter is the same robot that you were shooting in the security game.

Rather than being full­-fledged retail games, Project Guard and Project Giant Robot may eventually turn out to be missions within Star Fox when it releases on the Wii U in 2015.

Do you like the idea of these two games being included as missions in Star Fox, or do you think they should just focus on the classic Star Fox gameplay that fans have come to know and love and release Project Giant Robot and Project Guard as separate titles?


  1. I really hope Project Guard and Project Giant Robot are their own games,
    they look cool and interesting on their own terms, hopefully they are not held hostage by Starfox….

    Could people just admit Starfox was an overrated franchise that got way to many chances to be successful but really wasn’t? Objectively it was a low tier franchise that wasn’t that good…

    The last 2-3 entries were mediocre compared to the Snes and N64 versions, lets be real… Sales dwindelled and it hurt the gamecube’s first party quality…

    Nintendo should focus on genres they used to be known for that people will actually want to buy in this day and age, like real fighters, 1st and third person shooters…

    Splatoon is the right kind of idea, as is the Captain Toad game….
    And so is The Devil’s Third and Bayonetta 2 and Hyrule Warriors…

    Nintendo did alot of good with their E3 Digital Event, and their Treehouse stuff,
    but Starfox might be a mistake…. Same with an FZero.

    Hipster Nintendo fans and Gamecube fanboys are mostly pretending to like Starfox and FZero, because they were considered obscure. They’re trying to be hip, even though they weren’t objectively very good games… The sky shooter is a niche genre in this day and age…
    And Sin and Punishment was far superior to these games…

    They should want Nintendo to make and or re-publish Franchises that were quality, and were known to be great games, things similar to GoldenEye, Perfect Dark, Jet Force Gemini, Turok, Clayfighter, Killer Instinct… The kind of games that would be popular in this day and age, and would sell based on their quality… Fighters and Shooters wouldn’t be that expensive to create either…

    I’ll get hate for what im saying, but most of you understand its true..

    • I can see where you are coming from, but hopefully Nintendo has learned a lesson from their past Star Fox games to make this one much better. I wouldn’t mind seeing Project Guard and Giant Robot incorporated into Star Fox if done well.


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