Super Mario Maker Update 1.01 Removes Item Time Restriction

Super Mario Maker Update 1.01 Removes Item Time Restriction

The first Super Mario Maker update, version 1.01, removes the daily time restriction needed for unlocking new elements for the game’s tool palette.

Players no longer have to wait the following day for the delivery truck to haul in new course elements. Super Mario Maker update version 1.01 removes that time barrier, giving players the freedom of having new tools delivered to them after playing with new items for roughly fifteen minutes.

Fans who weren’t happy with the the 24-hour time restriction, however, were able to manipulate the Wii U clock to overcome that obstacle. In addition, the 1.01 software update brings various other improvements to offer a more enjoyable gameplay experience.

Players can use an assortment of tools (items) to create courses limited only by their imagination. Custom courses can then be shared — via 16-digit Course ID number — with friends and family; players can even upload their creations directly to Miiverse.

Super Mario Maker launches on the Wii U eShop tonight at midnight Eastern time. Be sure to read our review ahead of the game’s release.

In other news, Shigeru Miyamoto is Bowser Jr.’s mother. No, really, he is.

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