Super Mario Maker 100 Pre-made Courses Claim Retracted

Super Mario Maker 100 Pre-made Courses Claim Retracted

Nintendo UK, who previously stated that Super Mario Maker will feature 100 pre-made courses, now says that the game will include only dozens instead.

“Super Mario Maker will feature dozens of sample courses that are directly playable, and can help to inspire players in creating their own,” the official Super Mario Maker website from Nintendo UK now states.

A new footnote on the site clarifies that the previous claim of 100 pre-made courses was untrue: “Please note that this page originally incorrectly stated that the game would contain 100 courses that you can play without an Internet connection.”

The site also reconfirms that the four courses created for the Nintendo World Championships 2015 will be among the included courses. Players can add more stages to their game by building their own or by downloading those shared by other players around the world.

Not included in the pre-installed courses is “Ship Love,” the winning course designed by Facebook employees Doug Strait and Roy McElmurry at the company’s Super Mario Maker hackathon event. Players will be able to download that stage free of charge once when the game launches.

“Ship Love” features a flying pirate ship decorated with hearts of coins, hidden areas full of riches, and a climatic ending pitting Mario against Bowser and endless Bob-ombs. You can watch the entire level in the video below, or wait for the game to launch and try to figure it out on your own.

Super Mario Maker, originally named Mario Maker, will release on Wii U in North America on September 11. Two 30th anniversary 8-bit Mario amiibo — Classic Color and Modern Color — are compatible with the design-your-own-levels platforming game.

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Facebook Hackathon Winning Level – Ship Love



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