Splatoon Fresh Pics Art Academy Drawing Event Details


Nintendo is hosting a worldwide “Fresh Pics” Splatoon drawing event on Miiverse, and the game’s development team will choose their favorite three submissions.

From now until August 23 (or whenever 1,000 comments have been posted), owners of Art Academy on Wii U can participate in the “Fresh Pics” drawing event by creating and sharing their artwork on Miiverse.

When the contest concludes, the Splatoon development team will announce their favorite gold, silver, and bronze entries. Their choices will be based on skill, artistic expression, originality, and creativity. The following guidelines will ensure your entry is counted:

Splatoon “Fresh Pics” Art Academy Drawing Event Guidelines

  • Pictures must have a Splatoon theme
  • Pictures must be drawn using Art Academy
  • One entry per person
  • Submissions must be shared on this Miiverse post

The drawing event was announced on Sunday to honor late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. “Mr. Iwata’s passing was an extremely painful time for all of us, but I feel like it’s our duty to carry on making Miiverse a fun and awesome place so we can keep his spirit alive,” MariChan said on Miiverse.

Speaking of Miiverse, be sure to check out its new redesign.

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