Skunk Software Launches 10 eShop Games on Thursday

"Stinking up the competition."

Skunk Software Launches 10 eShop Games on Thursday

Indie developer Skunk Software appears set to unleash nearly one dozen software titles on the Wii U eShop in North America this Thursday.

According to the list of upcoming eShop releases on Nintendo’s website, each game will vary widely in price — from a $3.99 toddler game to a $39.99 piano-teaching simulator. Fans can purchase Skunk’s entire offering for a cool $101.90.

Launching such a massive single-day batch of software is an interesting strategy indeed, and one that has already raised a few brows. For example, the Slots – Pharaoh’s Riches Miiverse community has a single post from a player who wrote: “This game is beyond awful. The entire game is viewed in a single screenshot. Not fun at all. Stay far away from Skunk Software.”

Skunk Software Games for September 1:

  1. Free Balling – $9.99
  2. Games for Toddlers – $3.99
  3. Piano Teacher – $39.99
  4. Skunky B’s Super Slots Saga #1 – $14.95
  5. Super Hero Math – $7.99
  6. The First Skunk Bundle (contains “5 full featured video games”) – $24.99

The ten-game collection will join a handful of other titles Skunk Software released earlier this year such as Blackjack 21, Now I Know My ABCs, Bubble Gum Popper, and Slots – Pharaoh’s Riches.

Nintendo News has contacted Skunk Software in hopes of receiving a few review codes. We’ll be sure to share feedback with our readers if they send us any.

Skunk Software’s slogan — according to their website — is “Stinking up the competition.”

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  1. I can’t quite get a bead on what they are trying to sell… Casino games? Kindergarten Education? What is it man!?

  2. Hmm… sounds like the Nintendo version of Digital Homicide. Large amounts of games, most sounding poor, stinking up the competition? The hallmarks are all there.


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