Rayman DLC Footage For Super Smash Bros. Is Fake

Rayman DLC Footage For Super Smash Bros. Is Fake

Yesterday, convincing video footage surfaced showing Rayman — along with the already-confirmed Mewtwo — as a playable fighter on the character select screen for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Today, we’re here to tell you the “leaked” Rayman DLC was fake. The creator of the bogus video even shows you how to create your own hoax.

YouTube user and graphic artist “Artsy Omni” has stepped forward, revealing how he created the leaked Rayman footage from yesterday. Using his clever set of skills, Artsy utilized both Adobe Photoshop and After Effects to bring his creation to life. By making his own custom images and using animation effects, made possible with After Effects, the final product is a near-flawless work of art.

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In his video, Omni doesn’t mention how long it took to complete the project, but emphasizes some aspects were more difficult to create than others. He currently has no more plans for fabricating additional leaked Super Smash Bros. footage, but he’ll still take your requests for his “Smashify” series where he brings fighters to life by painting them on the digital canvas.

You can check out Artsy’s video tutorial for the Rayman DLC footage below.

How to Make Your Own Rayman DLC

Thanks to John for sending the video.



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