Nintendo Launches Web Application For Smartphones, Tablets

2 Mobile Web Application

Nintendo of America now has a mobile web-based application used for spreading the good word about its existing lineup of Wii U and 3DS products. In fact, it’s specifically designed to work only from mobile devices, unavailable to anyone attempting to browse via personal computer.

The sleek, simple, and beautiful blue-colored  application features categories such as: New Releases, Great Gifts, The Classics, Family Fun, Starring Mario, and Hardcore Gamers. Each of the categories are fittingly tailored. Comparisons between different Wii U and 3DS hardware models and brief descriptions and videos about software for each of the systems are available as well. Browsing users even have the option to share product pages via Twitter, Facebook, and email. It’s worth noting that the application is currently only available within North America in the English and French languages.

It’s no phenomenal new feat — it would be even better if it were Luigi-themed for the remainder of the year — but it does suggest that Nintendo is taking proactive steps to better inform its consumers on a more convenient level.



  1. Very nice design Nintendo chose for that mobile website, although the canadian .ca domain is a bit odd. Escpecially since is available through a domain broker. :-)

    Maybe is geared towards the canadian audience and/or NOA didn’t want the hassle of acquiring


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