New Pokkén Tournament Fighter to be Revealed January 15

New Pokkén Tournament Fighter to be Revealed January 15

Bandai Namco will reveal a new Pokkén Tournament playable fighter for their upcoming high-flying action game on Wii U next Friday, January 15.

The image above accompanied a Tweet posted by the official Pokkén Tournament Twitter account about an hour ago, giving fans a subtle hint as to who the next Battle Pokémon will be; the Japanese katakana symbol “ラ” (Ra) will be somewhere in the Pokémon’s name.

To date, the only playable Pokémon that has “ラ” in its name is Weavile (マニューラ). Flygon (フライゴン), Hitmontop (カポエラー), Kangaskhan (ガルーラ), and Scyther (ストライク) are just a few of the many other possible candidates that can be chosen to join battle.

In addition, the game’s official website notes that 50 members of the staff tried guessing who the new Pokkén Tournament fighter was. A pie chart groups their reactions after finding out; only one person made a correct guess, while 31 of them were displeased with the news.

Last month, Sceptile was revealed as a playable fighter along with new support Pokémon Electrode and Farfetch’d.

If you have any guesses, be sure to let us know in the comments section below or on our social media channels. If we had to guess, we’d probably pick either Darkrai (ダークライ) or Heatran (ヒードラン).

Pokkén Tournament is scheduled to debut in Japan on March 18, 2016. It is still planned to release spring 2016 in North America and Europe.

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