Magic Pants Says Heroes Never Lose Still Wii U Bound

Magic Pants Says Heroes Never Lose Still Wii U Bound

Developer Magic Pants says their 2014 Kickstarter campaign success Heroes Never Lose, a superhero action puzzler, is still on target for the Wii U eShop.

The last we heard anything about Heroes Never Lose: Professor Puzzler’s Perplexing Ploy was in September 2014 following its successful funding where it raised close to $10,000 from nearly 300 backers. We recently reached out to Osama Dorias, the game’s co-founder and game designer, for a fresh update on its status.

“As of yet the Wii U version isn’t started,” Dorias told us on Saturday. “We’re currently on Steam Early Access and are focusing our efforts on having version 1.0 finished first before porting to Wii U. I’d say we’re 85-90 percent complete with the Steam version.”

Dorias said in the unlikely event Heroes Never Lose doesn’t make it to Wii U, a refund will be given to those who backed the project in hopes of it coming to Nintendo’s home console.

“We have every intention on having a Wii U version and are eager to launch on a console that’s near and dear to us,” Dorias explained. “I am a Nintendo Fanboy.”

Magic Pants will do its best to match the price of the Steam version — currently $8.99 — to the Wii U version; however, that’s a conversation the studio and Nintendo haven’t yet discussed.

We also asked Dorias if he had anything special planned for Nintendo fans, you know, because it’s Wii U, and it has that fancy Wii U GamePad thing.

“Though I can’t confirm anything 100 percent, the plan so far is to include off-TV gameplay, and perhaps a Wii U exclusive character or background stage,” he said. “We have a particular Nintendo character that we believe would be a perfect fit, but we’d of course need Nintendo’s blessing first!”

“A secret Nintendo character?” I asked. “How about a hint?”

“Let’s just say that he’s known to be a little nuts,” Dorias replied. “We’re really unsure how Nintendo would react, so we were planning on designing him first and showing him off, then asking for permission.”

Heroes Never Lose might feel right at home with fans familiar with puzzle titles such Dr. Mario or Puyo Puyo. Be sure to check out the game’s Early Access trailer for Steam below.

Heroes Never Lose Early Access Trailer (Steam)

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  1. This game is awesome. I liked the character art and so I picked up on steam with medium expectations and it blew me away. Perfect fit on Wii U


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