Nintendo Features Luigi’s Death Stare in Commercial

Nintendo Features Luigi Death Stare in Commercial

There’s simply no denying it: the famous Luigi death stare is officially a thing. And Nintendo has today acknowledged the green plumber’s stone-faced and stern antics in a brand-new thirty-second Japanese television commercial for Wii U’s newest racing title, Mario Kart 8.

In the video below, a number of characters can be seen in slow motion as they tear up the pavement: fighting to achieve the next best position.

With a face full of concentration and desire, Mario’s mustache can be seen stylishly swaying in the cool breeze as he drifts steadily around a corner. A poised Koopa Troopa is overtaken on the inside corner of the track by a determined, confident, and steady-maneuvering Rosalina. Peach can even be seen blowing a mid-air smootch to her trailing adversary. Donkey Kong’s present, too.

But none top the Luigi death stare. And no, it’s not over ’till Luigi says it’s over.

Mario Kart 8 TV Commercial feat. Luigi Death Stare


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