A Fire Emblem X Pokémon Crossover was Considered for Wii U

A Fire Emblem X Pokémon Crossover was Considered for Wii U

A Japanese interview between Nintendo and Atlus tells the story of how a Fire Emblem X Pokémon crossover game was once considered for Wii U.

The December 2015 issue of Japan’s Nintendo Dream magazine may be the better part of eight months old. However, its oft-overlooked supplementary companion booklet captures a timeless three-way conversation between three key industry people, which details how Nintendo DS Pokémon spin-off Pokémon Conquest was the deciding factor against a Fire Emblem X Pokémon game on Wii U.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Fire Emblem fan “Kan,” from Kantopia, a blog dedicated to translating Japanese magazine scans and images, the Nintendo Dream interview snippet unfolds in plain English; Twitter user @nohrianpeach provided Kantopia with the relevant companion booklet scan required to accurately translate the conversation. And thanks to Twitter users @ObsidianWasp and @shadwofchaos725 for initially hunting down the info.

Below is the translated interview, as recently published on Kantopia.


Nintendo Dream: Please tell us what led up to the planning of Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.

山上 5年まえ、安藤が「「FE]のルールと「ポケモン」の相性は非常にいいと思うんですけど」と企画を提案してきたことがあったんですね。僕もいいと思ったんですが、たまたま同タイミングでポケモンさんから「ポケモン+ノブナガの野望」*1が提案されまして。

Yamagami (Nintendo producer): Five years ago, Ms. Andou proposed a plan [for a crossover], saying “You know, I think the rules for Fire Emblem and Pokémon are pretty compatible!” Though I agreed with her, it was by chance that The Pokémon Company had already proposed what eventually became Pokemon Conquest at the same time [so we were unable to follow through].

安藤 はい。それは私が担当しました。

Andou (Nintendo director): Yes, which I was in charge of too.

山上 企画が被ったので、まずはそちらを担当してね、と(笑)。そうしたら、安藤が一週間もしないうちに「次の企画です」って、新たな企画を持って来たんです。それがアトラスさんとのコラボ企画でした。当時「ゼノブレイド」とか「パンドラの塔」といった新しいタイトルに挑戦していましたし、僕自身もアトラスさんの作品に興味があったので「いいかも」と思ったんです。で、まずは内々にご提案したんですけど・・・。

Yamagami (Nintendo producer): As the plan was a secret, she was put in charge of that first (laughs). And then, it took her less than a week to say, “Here’s the next plan.” The new plan was a collaboration with Atlus. At that time, new games like Xenoblade Chronicles and Pandora’s Tower were coming out and, because I myself was quite interested in Atlus’s games, I figured “This could work!” At first, we made informal plans within our own small group, but…

高田 同時、ライン編成の調整がつかなかったのと、アトラスでセカンドパーテイとして取り組んだことがほぼ無かったので、一旦は会社として見送りという判断でした。そのあと、2年くらいしてからウチの平岡から、”更なるレベルアップの君にセカンドとしてのRPG開発にも挑戦してみよう”という判断があり「あの話生きています?」と弊社から改めて任天堂さんにご連絡しました。

Takata (Atlus producer): At that time, the organization itself was undergoing changes, and it was almost impossible to deal with Atlus as a second party, so we almost decided to give up on it. After roughly 2 years, we heard from Hiraoka Naoto (board member at Atlus Japan), “Let’s try to collaborate and level up by making an RPG together.” After that, we attempted to contact Nintendo repeatedly, asking “Do you want to bring that RPG to life [with us]?”

山上 「生きてます!」って、すぐにOKをして一揆に企画を立てまして、まだ荒い状態だったんですけど「真・女神転生MEETSファイアーエムブレム」って画像だけを公開しました。

Yamagami (Nintendo producer): We replied immediately with, “Let’s do it!” We then quickly began to draft plans for the game, still only having a rough idea of what it would be. And so, we released an image that showed, “Shin Megami Tensei Meets Fire Emblem” to the public.

In their review, Nintendo News praised Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE for being “a solid exclusive that Shin Megami Tensei or Persona fans will adore,” while also noting that it was “too much of a traditional JRPG to bring new players to Wii U.”

That said, it would have been interesting to see Intelligent Systems bring a Fire Emblem X Pokémon crossover to Nintendo’s current home console.

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem – Reveal Trailer


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