The Final Splatfest is Team Callie vs. Team Marie

The Final Splatfest is Team Callie vs. Team Marie

The final Splatfest, a worldwide showdown between Team Callie and Team Marie, will take place on July 22 for two days, Nintendo announced.

For the past year, Splatoon players around the globe have had the opportunity to participate in more than a dozen Splatfest events. From 2 a.m. PT/ 5 a.m. ET on Friday, July 22 until 2 a.m. PT/ 5 a.m. ET on Sunday, July 24, participants representing either Team Callie or Team Marie will go to war on the ink-soaked battlefields.

“In-game announcement and voting will start at 7 PM PT on Monday, July 4,” reads the latest post on the official Splatoon Tumblr. “Until then, please prepare yourself for the hardest decision you’ll make in your lifetime by doing some soul searching, going on a walkabout, meditating or just reading Squid Sisters fan fiction.”

Players in Japan will be matched up with other players in Japan, while players in North America and Europe will be matched up with each other. The Top 100 Players will also be tallied and announced separately for the Japan and North America and Europe regions.

Unlike previous events, results for the final Splatfest will be collected and combined from all regions and announced at the same time.

In addition, players will decide what stages will be used during the final war. “Please vote using the email being sent to Splatoon players with Nintendo Network IDs … coming to inboxes soon!” Voting will end on Tuesday, July 12.

So, which Squid Sister will you be representing when the voting booth opens in Inkopolis Plaza next week?

About Splatfest:

During Splatfest events, players are given temporary t-shirts to wear; all tees have the same main ability to ensure fairness between both teams. When the Splatfest concludes, Marie and Callie will announce the results and members of the winning team will receive Super Sea Snails for gear ability upgrades and, most importantly, bragging rights.

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    • I’m pretty sure once you reach level 20 you’re able to use money instead of sea snails to perform the same functions, don’t worry!


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