Bayonetta Wins Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot in Style

Bayonetta Wins Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot in Style

The quick-witted and sassy Umbran Witch Bayonetta has won the long-awaited Super Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot, today’s Final Video Presentation reveals.

When Nintendo announced the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot last April, fans worldwide voted for their favorite video game character; the most popular choice would eventually be included in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS as a playable fighter.

As announced earlier during the Final Video Presentation for Super Smash Bros., Bayonetta was the number one overall choice among fans worldwide; in Europe she ranked number one, and in North America she was among the top five choices.

As seen in her previous action games, Bayonetta will be combination style fighter in Super Smash Bros. — stringing together deadly combos by making use of her long black hair and four pistols that are strapped to her feet and hands.

“In Super Smash Bros., Bayonetta is a fighter with many characteristics based on the original games,” said Masahiro Sakurai, Super Smash Bros. series creator and director, during the witch’s reveal. “The more you learn to control her, the more you can feel that she moves like a character in the original games.”

Bullet Arts allows players to continue attacking opponents after a normal attack by pressing and holding the button down; she’ll even continue firing her guns in the middle of combo attacks. Her Smash Attack, called Wicked Weaves, allows Bayonetta to use her hair to summon of limbs of the Infernal Demon Madama Butterfly.

The moves Witch Time, Bat Within, Bullet Climax, Heel Slide, After Burner Kick, Witch Twist, and her Final Smash, called Infernal Climax, are showcased — complete with taunts and visual effects — in her reveal video below.

In addition to Bayonetta being added as a DLC Fighter, she’s also been given her own stage called Umbra Clock Tower, a recreation of the iconic setting found in the original Bayonetta on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. A falling platform, along with moving platforms, are sure to give players added challenge.

Bayonetta and her new stage are scheduled to arrive in February 2016. Fans can purchase the content on either Wii U or Nintendo 3DS for $5.99 each; both versions can be purchased at the reduced price of $6.99.

A Bayonetta amiibo figure was also confirmed to be in development this evening; however, more details will be released at a later date.

Super Smash Bros. – Bayonetta Gets Wicked

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