PlatinumGames Director: No Bayonetta amiibo Support

PlatinumGames Director: No Bayonetta amiibo Support

Let’s get one thing straight: Bayonetta is bad-ass. She summons demons with her hair, fires bullets from her shoes and rips apart angels with chainsaws. It stands, then, that a Bayonetta amiibo would be a rather popular item for collectors.

Unfortunately, there are no plans for any kind of Bayonetta amiibo support.

According to Bayonetta director Hideki Kamiya of PlatinumGames, the title won’t be receiving the amiibo treatment. From the context of the Tweet, it appears Bayonetta 2 won’t have amiibo support either, although that isn’t entirely clear.

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If neither Wii U game will be compatible with amiibo figures, it seems extremely unlikely that Nintendo will manufacture a Bayonetta amiibo—no matter how awesome it would be. The games could also make use of existing amiibo, but apparently that isn’t on the table either. And that’s okay; the witch doesn’t need toy figures to wear magical Nintendo costumes.

Meanwhile, Sonic and Mega Man have earned their own amiibo. In fact, Nintendo has stated openly that they are working to allow third parties to use amiibo in their games.

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  1. Since Nintendo confirmed that they will be making an Amiibo for every character in the Smash Bros Roster, does this technically mean Bayonetta for Smash Bros has been de-confirmed?


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