Adventures of Pip Kickstarter Funding Fully Absorbed

Adventures Of Pip Kickstarter Funding Fully Absorbed

Earlier this year, independent developer TicToc Games unleashed a Kickstarter campaign for their 2D platforming adventure titled Adventures of Pip. The game ultimately failed to reach its initial funding goal of $90,000, but all hope wasn’t lost. The tiny pixel warrior’s campaign reemerged with a second Kickstarter — this time asking for $40,000.

With just a week to spare before the campaign ended, TicToc Games managed to successfully garner enough funds — from fans — to make Adventures of Pip become a reality for Wii U owners; it’s also coming to Steam, Windows, and Mac.

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What separates Adventures of Pip, from the myriads of other platformers out there, is the main character’s ability to transform by absorbing pixels from fallen foes. Pip can take on three different forms, starting off as one giant bouncing pixel and ending up as a full-fledged heroic boy who packs a trusty sword.

Interestingly, Pip can evolve and devolve at will to solve puzzles or defeat enemies as he makes his way through the Pixel Kingdom to save a kidnapped princess. With the Kickstarter for Adventures of Pip officially ending on October 4, TicToc Games is now looking for additional funding for a Game+ Mode, a Gender Swap Mode, multiplayer challenges, and more.

Adventures of Pip Kickstarter

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