PlatinumGames Shows Interest in Switch Port for The Wonderful 101

PlatinumGames Shows Interest in Switch Port for The Wonderful 101

A Nintendo Switch port of PlatinumGames’ superhero action game The Wonderful 101 is “kind of” interesting, according to the game’s director.

The Wonderful 101 released exclusively on Wii U in summer 2014. Despite the game’s signature developer touch, witty humor, and chaotic mechanics, it never caught on with a broad crowd; however, plenty of critics have good things to say about it, and it has commanded a loyal following.

“Are you interested in a Switch port of The Wonderful 101 to reach a larger audience?” one person asked Hideki Kamiya on Twitter yesterday. “Kind of,” he replied.

For those unfamiliar with Kamiya, he’s always been very vocal and, often sarcastic, on social media. He won’t hesitate to block you at a moment’s notice, either. But however insignificant “kind of” may seem, Kamiya let the world know that a Nintendo Switch port of TW101 is not out of the question.

Worth noting, Kamiya also teased Bayonetta 3 on social media in June 2015.

Regardless of whether or not TW101 ever makes it to Switch, Nintendo News will continue to keep tabs on Kamiya’s interests. Does a Switch port of The Wonderful 101, perhaps as an enhanced version of the game, sound like an appealing option to you?

Nintendo announced the Switch on October 20 via a 3-minute introduction trailer. Nintendo will share details about the system’s price, release date, technical specs, and launch window titles next year ahead of its planned March 2017 debut.

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