Nintendo Switch Specs, Launch Titles to be Announced in 2017

Nintendo Switch Specs, Launch Titles to be Announced in 2017

Nintendo will not share news about Nintendo Switch specs, its planned launch window titles, or the console’s region-lock status until 2017.

That’s according to Takashi Mochizuki, a Wall Street Journal technology reporter, who Tweeted the note Thursday evening. This has left many people wondering how Nintendo will fare this holiday season, with no more heavy hitters out on Wii U; however, Pokémon Sun & Moon and the bite-sized NES Classic Edition both launch in November.

As for the possibilities of a region-locked Nintendo Switch, there are rumblings that it will be completely region-free. In May 2015, late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said Nintendo was investigating the possibilities for a region-free Nintendo “NX” (now Nintendo Switch) platform, stating they were optimistic about it.

Nintendo will share their second quarter earnings on Wednesday, October 26 in Japan. Investors and consumers can expect to learn more about Nintendo Switch, less the details mentioned above, during that time.

Earlier today, Nintendo shared a number of its developer partners which include the likes of Bethesda, Telltale Games, Grasshopper, From Software, and many others. The Nintendo Switch is expected to launch worldwide in March 2017.

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