Android Users Have Installed Pokémon GO 50 Million Times

Android device users worldwide have now downloaded and installed Niantic Labs’ mobile sensation Pokémon GO at least 50 million times.

To some, it may seem like Pokémon GO has been in our lives for years already. In reality, however, the real-time game that tasks players with catching virtual pocket monsters in the world has only been in the hands of players for less than three weeks.

Available since July 6 on the U.S., Australian, and New Zealand Google Play stores, users have installed the game somewhere between 50 and 100 million times. On July 11, the 5 million milestone was reached. On July 12, that number more than doubled.

Yet despite Pokémon GO’s immediate success, Nintendo has chosen to keep their financial forecast unchanged through March 31, 2017. “Nintendo is not modifying the consolidated financial forecast for now,” reads a note the company published on July 22. “[Nintendo] will make a timely disclosure when [Nintendo] needs to modify its financial forecasts.”

When the thirst for Pokémon GO stops is anyone’s guess. However, recent data collected for U.S. player usage suggests the game already peaked on July 14, and shows there has been a steady decline in activity ever since.

Stats aside, users have already installed Pokémon GO more times than Niantic’s previous game, Ingress, which released about two and a half years ago — also based on a similar concept of traveling the real world in an augmented reality setting.

Nintendo News will continue to monitor the performance of Pokémon GO on Google Play. In the meantime, some companies are trying to cash in on the app’s success by offering a dating service called PokéDates.

Pokémon GO, Now 50 Million+ Android Users

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