Group of Teens Rob Pokémon GO Player at Gunpoint

Team Rocket strikes again

Group of Teens Rob Pokémon GO Player at Gunpoint
Image source: Villains Wiki

Four teenagers robbed a man at gunpoint late Saturday evening while he was checking in at a well-known Pokémon GO PokéStop in Missouri.

It sounds like the sneaky works of Pokémon video game villains Team Rocket — sneak up behind a Pokémon Trainer and rob him or her blind. For O’Fallon, Mo. resident Nikolas Howard, a similar thing happened to him in real life while making a late night run to the local gas station for cigarettes.

“It’s, you know, just a few blocks away … I might as well pull the app up and just hoof it,” Howard told KSDK-TV. But shortly after approaching the “Metal Stallion” PokéStop, a black BMW snuck up behind Howard.

“There were four kids inside. The kid in the back passenger seat with a silver pistol got out of the car and put it in my face … told me to ‘lose my stuff’.”

The teens, aged 16 to 18 years old, were caught by police minutes after they committed the crime; the oldest three have been charged with robbery in the 1st degree; a bond has been set to the amount of $100,000. It’s currently unclear if the 16-year-old will face charges.

O’Fallon police are investigating whether or not the four teens are linked to any other robberies in the area. Other local Pokémon GO players are steering clear of the hot PokéStop.

On Friday, a teenage girl from Wyoming found a dead body floating in the water while searching for a Water-type Pokémon.

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