Pokémon GO Plus Tracks Distance for Eggs and Buddy Pokémon

Pokémon GO Plus Tracks Distance for Eggs and Buddy Pokémon
Photo: Nintendo News

There’s something you may not know about the Pokémon GO Plus accessory: it tracks walking distance for unhatched Eggs and Buddy Pokémon.

Early reports from players who have received the bracelet accessory ahead of its September 16 launch have confirmed that the device is a bit more handy and functional than originally thought. And at a suggested retail price of $34.99, eager Trainers may now be more interested in sporting the flashy optional add-on.

In a recent Reddit topic, user “zeus_pl” confirmed that the Pokémon GO Plus device not only tracks distance for unhatched Eggs, but also tracks the distance for his partnered Buddy Pokémon. Of course, having the GO Plus accessory synced to Pokémon GO app allows the game to run in the background — even when locked and secured in a pocket for example.

In addition, Reddit user “c-a-m-i” confirmed to curious readers that Pokémon GO notifications are displayed on the screen when the smart device running the Pokémon GO app is locked — no fuss, no muss, no need to unlock your phone to view your journal entries.

However, there are a few things Pokémon GO Plus is not capable of. For example, it only throws normal Poké Balls; not being able to throw Great or Ultra Poké Balls at a potential rare, elusive target could prove to be frustrating for some Trainers. Further, Pokémon GO Plus does not work with Pokémon attracted by Incense.

Hey, have you heard about the recently discovered Pikachu Easter egg? Walking at least 10 km with Pikachu selected as your Buddy Pokémon results in having it ride on your shoulder.

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