Pokémon GO Player Mugged During Live Twitch Stream in New York

Pokémon GO Player Mugged During Live Twitch Stream in New York

A Pokémon GO player was mugged in New York City’s Central Park early Monday morning during a live Twitch stream for the popular mobile game.

Twitch user Rickeybot was streaming near the Sweeny Memorial Bench PokéStop when his lone assailant blindsided him from behind with a crushing blow to the jaw. According to the captured video footage, the attack happened at 12:13 a.m.

Moments after the assault, the mugger ordered Rickeybot to take his equipped Twitch gear off. “Take that sh*t off. Take it off. Let’s go.” It didn’t matter how much Rickeybot pleaded for him to stop.

The attacker then fled the scene on foot. After running for a few minutes to a dark area in the park, he performed a factory data reset on both of Rickeybot’s mobile devices. (At this point, the video footage is too dark to tell if the assailant is still acting alone or if he has met up with an accomplice.)

“I got mugged playing Pokémon GO in Central Park,” Rickeybot Tweeted at 2:04 a.m. “Still talking to police and will go to hospital soon. My jaw is a mess.”

The attacker, a much larger man compared to Rickeybot, appears to be African American. At the time of the incident, the suspect was wearing a black shirt with white lettering, red shorts, white shoes, and a headlamp.

Authorities are still investigating the crime. Rickeybot is expected to make a full recovery and expects to return to Twitch streaming by Wednesday.

Twitch Streamer Rickeybot Mugged Playing Pokémon GO


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  1. That sucks. These are the times we live in folks. There are more wrong places and wrong times than ever. Be safe, be smart. Thank god it wasn’t a fatal attack.

  2. People. Do not play Pokemon Go by yourself late at night. Don’t feel sorry for this guy one bit. He should thank his lucky stars he’s alive.

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