More Pokémon GO Invites Emailed to U.S. Testers

More Pokémon GO Invites Emailed to U.S. Testers

Pokémon GO developer Niantic Labs began distributing a second wave of email invites to eligible field testers in the United States yesterday.

The new batch of invitations didn’t come without a small hiccup, however. Yesterday evening, a Nintendo News reader said, “I got in, but now I’m having issues getting my Google Play app to realize that I should be able to access the beta.”

Unfortunately, Niantic’s email had a small typo in the URL link that prevented users from accessing the Pokémon GO field test app. Specifically, there’s an extra letter in the link, as seen here:

  • (incorrect)
  • (correct)

Simply deleting the “c” after “nianticlabs” will result in a working link. However, a few of Nintendo News’s Twitter followers (thanks, Postman, Jason and Ricky V) told us this morning that Niantic re-sent the email with the corrected URL.

If you’ve been chosen as one of the lucky field test participants, how are you enjoying Pokémon GO thus far? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below or on our social media channels.

The final version of Pokémon GO is still set to arrive on Android and iOS devices in 2016.

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  1. So far it rocks!! I loved Ingress but add the Pokemon into it and it’s amazing. Sooo excited for the release. Aaaaahhh!!!!

  2. I signed up and told a lot of my friends to do the same. They all got an invitation except me….. Super lame ?

  3. It’s been pretty fun to use, but it does crash pretty often and caused my Samsung Galaxy s6 to overheat twice. It also drains the battery super fast. That being said, the concept is incredible and I can’t wait to see the final product. This is already so much cooler than I ever expected it to be.

  4. Great game so far! Very addicting. I spent all day and even went on an extra 3-mile walk at night to battle at my nearest gym. I just wish there was a bit more interaction with other Trainers. So far I’ve caught 38 Pokemon ✌. Also, battery life is a major issue even when using the battery saver within the game.

  5. It’s a lot of fun. I did have trouble downloading the app, but was able to by just signing into their help page and from there was instantly able to download.

  6. The game has been fairly fun. Crashes every now and then. I caught a Pokémon in the shower using a 30 min incense lol. Good job on the Beta app, can’t wait to see final product.

  7. I’ve played Pokémon since Pokémon Red. I’ve loved every game since and I’m excited to see the world come together in Pokémon Go! Can’t wait until the full release of PG!

  8. I got my acceptance email yesterday morning and I am beyond excited. I haven’t been able to stop playing since! I can’t wait until they roll out the app to everyone so my friends can join me in the epic adventure.


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