Daily Quests Reportedly Coming to Pokémon GO

Daily Quests Reportedly Coming to Pokémon GO

Data miners found program code in Pokémon GO’s latest software update on Android that references Daily Quests and possible new rewards.

Pokémon GO update 0.43.3 (1.13.3 on iOS) was made available to download on Tuesday. The new version introduced Egg patterns, Pokémon type icons, and a low battery indicator for Trainers using the Pokémon GO Plus device.

But those eager to learn more immediately began sifting through the game’s updated code, and data miners at Pokémon GO Hub reported their findings. Chief among them were three types of Daily Quests: “First Catch of the Day,” “First PokéStop of the Day,” and one that’s currently unknown.

In addition, it seems Trainers may be rewarded with items based on completing the Daily Quests. “The rewards are not clear at this point, but the code references incubators,” according to data miners.

The possibility of daily content should come as no surprise, however. Niantic has incorporated new features since launching the game in July. Most recently, a Halloween-themed event went live that rewards players will bonus Candy.

Previously, data miners discovered a Buddy Pokémon feature in the September 23, 2016 update for the game; Niantic announced the new feature a few days later.

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