Pokémon GO Beta Has Real-Time Battles

Pokémon GO Beta Has Real-Time Battles

Real-time Pokémon battles are present during training sessions and at enemy gyms in the Japanese version of Pokémon GO beta, field testers reveal.

“You appear to be paired up with a random ‘Computer Player’ Pokémon to fight — though it might be that these are pulled from your own party,” according to Reddit member dronpes, who today explained how training sessions currently work in Niantic’s upcoming augmented reality Pokémon brawler for Android and iOS. “They attack you and you can attack back in real-time. It’s an all out brawl, from what we see.”

Enemy gyms apparently utilize real-time combat as well. “It’s a fast, real-time fight, where the strategy appears to simply be the order you put [Pokémon] in,” dronpes said. “So you’ll likely always lead with the strongest you can offer against the defending Pokémon.”

While dronpes claims to have video footage of the training session, permission was not granted to release it to the public as it would reveal too much information about the Pokémon Trainer.

Currently, a 120-second timer counts down once training sessions and enemy gym battles begin.

Fans who reside in Australia and New Zealand can currently sign up for a chance to field test Pokémon GO when it arrives in both regions later this month. Pokémon GO beta was first released in March for fans in Japan.

The final version of Pokémon GO is still set to arrive on Android and iOS devices in 2016.

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