Nintendo to Unveil Mobile Marketing Strategy Tonight



Lets hear it, Iwata. The time is now.

In less than four hours, Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata will take the stage and strategically position himself behind a podium, readied with a patiently waiting and stone-cold microphone. He’ll stand tall before thousands of concerned investors, eager mobile marketers, and information-hungry analysts. Most will be carefully braced and hunched over on the edge of their chairs while impatiently gazing at their computer screen — refreshing, reloading, and perhaps, even restarting their preferred social media streams such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus. But Iwata-san has a plan.

Yesterday, Nintendo held their Q3 earnings meeting. The results? Not good. During the meeting, Iwata-san even acknowledged that the company’s Wii U is seeing a woeful worth, saying “The Wii U isn’t in good shape. That’s the presumption we have as we consider reform.” On paper, it looked even worse. Life-to-date sales for Wii U through December of 2013 managed to top nearly 6 million consoles — 2.61 million were sold in the Americas, 1.75 million were sold in Japan, and 1.49 million were sold in the remaining regions around the world. Nintendo originally forecasted that the Wii U would sell 9 million units worldwide by the end of their fiscal year, ending on March 31st, 2014. But Nintendo has a plan.

Roughly three hours separate Iwata-san from the tall stage and a ferocious pack of hungry wolves. He’ll deliver his new business strategy to the public eye. And, you can bet he has something planned for the mobile market. Don’t expect Nintendo to announce Mario on those fandangled mobile phones and tablets. That’s not going to happen. Iwata-san has made that perfectly clear. What you can expect to see is mobile marketing and advertising software — likely in the form of an official Nintendo application for Android and iPhone — in the form of streaming video content or something similar. What’s your plan, Iwata? We’ll be waiting to report.


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