Nintendo Confirms “No Plans To Offer Mini-Games”


Satoru Iwata

Yesterday, Japan’s largest and most credible business newspaper publication Nikkei (日本経済新聞) reported that Nintendo’s new business strategy involves making use of smartphones to deliver free video content and “mini-game” experiences to market their products and services. While it’s quite obvious that Nintendo has something “mobile-related” tucked snugly away, they’ve yet to reveal their master plan.

Speaking to GameSpot, a Nintendo spokesperson has today issued the following statement, squashing any rumors related to the company offering mini-games.

Nikkei’s article contains information previously stated by Mr Iwata during past press conferences, including statements which relate to Nintendo’s willingness to make use of smart devices to promote our products.

However during such past announcements Mr Iwata has also stated that Nintendo’s intention is not to make Nintendo software available on smart devices and as such, we can confirm that there are no plans to offer mini-games on smartphone devices.

Tomorrow Nintendo will present their third quarter earnings meeting, held in Osaka, Japan. Following the meeting, Nintendo will share its new plans during its briefing conference in Tokyo, Japan, where Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata will reveal a new business strategy that targets a wider audience.


  1. Wasn’t there talk of a new IP they were working on?

    I keep thinking the problem with the Wii U is the Wii, that all of the Wii U struggles stem from a kind of Wii backlash. Perhaps all of those new-to-video-games-people who bought a Wii and became part of the “touch generation” on high hopes of losing weight with Wii Fit were not going to be repeat customers in the first place. Not to mention that there were people who were disappointed with their dust-collecting Wii and have decided to wait or ignore the Wii U altogether*. Couple these ideas with supposed public confusion about the Wii U — is it a new console, an expensive upgrade, a new controller, why wasn’t it released when Sony and Microsoft released their new consoles, and constant major media marginalization —the Wii U is the underdog for sure.

    But I also can’t help but think that Nintendo will thrive being put through all this. I’ve felt that they’re bringing their A-game to the 3DS from the get-go. And the reception of the Wii U’s Super Mario 3D World was excellent. They’re masters in the gaming industry, Nintendo, so I’m kind of excited to see them turn this all around.

    It’s too soon to see the Wii U as another Gamecube (loved by fans, but not well-selling or overly memorable). But as many fans have said, it won’t matter to us what happens. We’re the choir, after all, and we already love what Nintendo preaches.

    * Nobody likes people like this and one is sure they’ll get a Wii U eventually anyway. Nintendo is simply the most affordable gaming option out there, assuming one has an HD television already. Not adopting the next console because the last one was not to one’s liking is kind of silly unless the newer console is more of the same and that’s up to the individual to decide. Hesitation is to be expected while time is spent making such a decision. In the end, perhaps the Wii U will appeal to a different person altogether.


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