Next Nintendo Mobile Games: Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing

Next Nintendo Mobile Games: Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing

Nintendo’s next smart device offering will include two applications based on popular IP, one from Fire Emblem and one from Animal Crossing.

Unlike Miitomo, however, both apps will be “pure game applications,” according to Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima, who revealed the two mobile games during Wednesday’s fiscal year 2015 earnings release meeting.

Kimishima said the Animal Crossing application, based on the franchise’s beloved game setting and characters, will “offer a connection between the smart device application and the world of Animal Crossing on dedicated video game systems.” This connection will give users a unique play style for smart devices.

As for the Fire Emblem app, Kimishima said it will offer a more accessible style of gameplay as compared to the series’ titles on dedicated video game platforms — Fire Emblem Fates, Fire Emblem Awakening, etc. “We still aim to provide a fully engaging experience as a role-playing simulation game.”

Both franchises were chosen due to their worldwide popularity and demographic reach. Prices, if any, were not revealed. Each are planned for a fall 2016 release and Nintendo is still on track to release five mobile apps by March 2017.

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