New Pokémon GO Screenshots and Details Released

New Pokémon GO Screenshots and Details Released

The Pokémon Company has released a new batch of Pokémon GO screenshots and details into the wild, and U.S. Trainers start beta testing today.

Last week, Trainers in the U.S. were invited to register for a chance to play an early version of Pokémon GO ahead of its release later this year, and the time has finally come for those luck field testers. “And today, we’re expanding that field test to the United States to get more feedback to improve the game,” reads a “tasty” post on Niantic’s official blog.

In addition, a few bite-sized morsels were shared about the upcoming real-time augmented reality mobile Pokémon game. For starters, the Pokémon GO Plus, a Bluetooth device that enables Pokémon GO players to enjoy the game even while they’re not looking at their smartphones, “will be available soon,” — presumably around the same time as the game’s worldwide launch.

The final noteworthy detail includes information regarding hatching Pokémon. Similar to the main series of games available on Nintendo systems, Trainers will need to find Pokémon Eggs — and travel a certain distance — in order to hatch Eggs containing enclosed Pokémon; in-game Incubators will be available to aid with that process.

We’ll share more details as we receive them. For previously known info, be sure to check out the official Pokémon website. In the meantime, feel free to browse through the fifteen new Pokémon GO screenshots below, which shows the Evolution process, battles, encounters, Gyms, and the item shop.

The final version of Pokémon GO is still set to arrive on Android and iOS devices in 2016.

New Pokémon GO Screenshots

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  1. The trainers don’t look that good… They just don’t fit in with the rest of the Pokemon universe, they look too realistic.


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