Miitomo Claims No. 1 Spot on iOS App Store Charts

Miitomo Claims No. 1 Spot on iOS App Store Charts

Miitomo, Nintendo’s first smart device application, has claimed the No. 1 position on the iOS App Store charts hours after launching in the U.S.

If you haven’t heard, Miitomo is a free-to-start social networking app, and it’s already taken the world by surprise. Released earlier this morning on both Android and iOS, the app has already managed to comfortably occupy the top spot on Apple’s “Top Free iPhone Apps” charts across all categories — topping the likes of Messenger, Facebook, Pinterest, Skype, and Twitter.

At the time of this writing, Miitomo has yet to achieve similar results on the Google Play store; however, it has already managed to garner at least 500,000 downloads. It’s quite an impressive feat for a few-hour old application, nonetheless.

While Miitomo is free to download, in-app purchases can be made — with real money, of course — for “Miitomo coins,” which can then be exchanged for a multitude of clothing items in the app’s robust wardrobe and game tickets to play an arcade-like, Pachinco mini-game called Miitomo Drop.

If you’re an Android or Apple user, have you downloaded Miitomo yet? If so, what’s your take on it so far? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below, on our social media channels.

Our very own Martyn Locker summed up his experience a few hours ago: “Keeping up with Miitomo notifications is more work than an actual job. It’s fun, but bloody hell is it a crazy time sink.”

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  1. You don’t actually have to pay for the Miitomo coins. You can, but you can also get them from other sources.


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