Miitomo Joins Top 100 Grossing iPhone Apps

Miitomo Joins Top 100

Nintendo’s first free-to-start social networking app, Miitomo, joined the top 100 list of “Top Grossing iPhone Apps” on the iOS App Store on Tuesday.

Hot on the heels of its Western release last Thursday, Nintendo’s Mii-focused smart device app has already captured the attention of millions of users on Android and iPhone. And late yesterday, Miitomo officially broke into the respected ranks by earning a top grossing spot on Apple’s digital storefront.

At the time of this writing, Miitomo sits at the No. 93 position on the “Top Grossing iPhone Apps” chart in iTunes — sandwiched between adult social networking app Grindr Xtra (No. 92) and 2K Games’ WWE SuperCard (No. 94) wrestling game. Miitomo is expected to thrust its way further up the chart by bulldozing through other popular apps such as eHarmony (No. 90), Minecraft: Story Mode (No. 89), and DragonVale (No. 88) in the coming week.

To put things into perspective, popular statistics portal Statista reports the Apple App Store having 1.5 million available apps as of July 2015. Android’s App Store, during the same reporting time, had 1.6 million apps.

Miitomo hasn’t quite managed to join Android’s top 100 list of grossing apps, but we’ll keep our eyes open.

But how has Miitomo, a 100 percent free app, already joined the top tier for one of the most-grossing applications? As it turns out, it’s a very simple concept.

Miitomo users are supplementing their completely free, quick and lighthearted question/answer sessions with friends by playing the app’s arcade style minigame called Miitomo Drop; by dropping Mii characters (resembling their friends) down a narrow, colorful and flashy gauntlet full of bouncy cushions and rotating platforms, players have a chance of winning exclusive virtual clothing items and Miitomo candy.

Here’s the thing: Miitomo Drop costs 500 Miitomo coins (or one Game Ticket) per try, and each try only lasts between five and ten seconds at best. It’s quick and it’s fun. Interacting with friends — and completing a handful of daily in-app missions — rewards users with a few Miitomo coins, but not nearly enough to keep gamblers or completionists from chomping at the bit for a sugary sweet pancake suit or an adorable silly-kitty sweater.

But Nintendo’s smart. Users in need of a quick fix for more Miitomo coins can pay cash money for them, with an in-app store conveniently ready to accept payment of $.99 for 1000 coins or up to $74.99 for 105,000 coins.

Below is a picture (Miifoto) of me wearing my lovely pancake suit; I paid cash money for it yesterday during one of my short stints. Seriously, how can anyone resist wearing a fluffy stack of warm, syrupy flapjakes with a melting pat of butter on top? Impossible to resist.

Miitomo Joins Top 100 "Top Grossing" iPhone Apps
Image credit: Kevin McMinn (Nintendo News)

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  1. AHHH I THINK I BROKE MY MIITOMO PLZ TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON. MY MII KEEPS SAYING “I was going to ask you something, but I forgot.” WHAT’S GOING ON?!?!


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