Miitomo Popularity Begins Steady Decline

Miitomo Popularity Begins Steady Decline

Nintendo’s debut smart device app, Miitomo, is showing signs of declining popularity on the Android and iOS charts two weeks after its release.

Miitomo, a free social networking app developed by Nintendo and Japanese mobile games giant DeNA, was an instant hit after launching on March 31; within hours after becoming available for download, it claimed the No. 1 spot on the iOS App Store in the U.S. Three days later, it took No. 1 on Google Play’s “Top Free” chart, surpassing apps like Messenger, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram.

However, since April 5 when it joined the top 100 list of “Top Grossing iPhone Apps” on the iOS App Store, Miitomo’s appeal and charm is steadily declining among both Android and iOS users, chart statistics for both digital storefronts reveal.

At the time of this writing, Apple’s App Store places Miitomo at No. 61 on its “Free Apps” chart, sandwiched between Dropbox and Castle Clash: Age of Legends.

As for Android’s Google Play store, Miitomo currently sits at No. 14, nestled between Clean Master (Boost & Applock) and WhatsApp Messenger.

Yesterday, online survey company SurveyMonkey reported estimated statistics for Miitomo: 4 million monthly active users, $40,000 in average daily revenue, and an average of 8 minutes of use per day for each user.

Is the initial popularity of answering friends’ questions and sporting all the latest fashionable clothing items for Mii characters slowly coming to a close? Is the app’s Pachinko-like mini-game, Miitomo Drop, lost its luster? Only time will tell.

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  1. I think Nintendo will need to add more to Miitomo to keep people coming back for more. They need to add stuff that doesn’t solely focus on the social interaction feature, and they need to make interaction less lazy. Sending me a notification that someone replied to a post I commented on is great. But when I simply open the app and have to dig to find conversations that are interesting, it makes the whole experience exhausting.

    It’s also ridiculous to base the two largest My Nintendo coin earners on whether or not your friends bother to Heart or comment on your posts. It’s not like any of is are going to force our friends to pay attention.

    Also, the system for triggering the ability to answer questions is derpy and part of the coin problem. If your friends aren’t seeing any new answers because you’re struggling to get questions to spawn, that’s a huge problem.

  2. My Miitomo isn’t working on my iPad Air 2! It keeps on saying “Connection Error” or something similar to that where ever I am! They really need to fix that because I haven’t been able to use miitomo for over a week!


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