Invitations for Pokémon GO Hit Australia, New Zealand Today

Invitations for Pokémon GO Hit Australia, New Zealand Today

As promised earlier this month, Niantic Labs will begin distributing Pokémon GO invitations to users in Australia and New Zealand starting today.

Select Trainers who signed up for a chance to field test Pokémon GO a few weeks ago will receive an email from Niantic with further instructions on how to get started in the wild world of augmented reality Pokémon battling, catching, and trading.

“Niantic will select users based on a variety of factors which may include OS types, experience in real world games and an element of luck,” the developer announced on their blog. “If you’re selected to participate, you’ll receive an email from us with detailed instructions. If you don’t receive an email, please be patient as we plan to increase the number of invites over time.”

On April 14, players testing the Japanese version of Pokémon GO beta revealed the game would feature real-time Pokémon battles during training sessions and at enemy gyms.

There’s still no word on what region(s) Niantic plans to offer field testing for next. Stay tuned for more details and information as we receive it.

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