Hacker Group Staging Major Attack on Pokémon GO Servers

Hacker Group Staging Major Attack on Pokémon GO Servers
Image: Pokémon Wiki

A hacker group by the name of PoodleCorp has promised to take down all Pokémon GO servers on August 1 for a period of at least 24 hours.

Trainers enjoying Pokémon GO may be unable to connect to any of the game’s servers in two weeks’ time, if PoodleCorp follows through with their current plans. The group’s official Twitter account pinned a Tweet Sunday evening that reads “August 1st #PoodleCorp #PokemonGo,” which has already accumulated thousands of combined Retweets and Likes.

“Chaos is entertainment,” said PoodleCorp leader “XO” during a video interview with YouTube user DramaAlert. “We like to piss people off, because we can.”

On Saturday, the official Pokémon GO Twitter account announced they were working to fix server issues; however, three hours prior to that announcement, PoodleCorp claimed responsibility for the service interruption — one they say was executed by performing a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.

XO said his group carries out their plans by “simply just DDoSiNg with a very very big botnet.” He also has a message for Pokémon GO fans who are asking his group to stand down: “find something else to do, because if that’s all you have to do then you need a life.”

PoodleCorp is currently comprised of six members, with some of them coming from another well-known hacker group called Lizard Squad. They have claimed responsibility for pulling off successful DDoS attacks on League of Legends servers, Battle.net, and several others.

Check out the video below for the full interview.

Interview with Hacker Group PoodleCorp

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  1. Oh yes I’ve heard of them they’re the same dudes who hacked WatchMojo.com’s YouTube videos by changing all of they’re titles

  2. “find something else to do, because if that’s all you have to do then you need a life.”

    aaaaaaaaand he’s a hypocrite.

    also his tag is SOOOOOOOOO original.


  3. I’m really surprised nobody’s called anybody on Poodlecorp. Hacking YouTube channels is one thing. Hacking a multi-million dollar corporation’s game is another.

  4. “find something else to do, because if that’s all you have to do then you need a life.”
    … And if the only thing they can do to get recognition is DDOSing pokémon GO servers, then they really need a life.

    “We like to piss people off, because we can.”
    Is this some kind of lame revenge? Maybe their phones can’t play pokémon GO… That kind of behavior reminds me of a young kid… Like 3 or 4 years old.

    Oh, and by the way, if they consider playing a game like Pokémon GO a waste of time, does this mean that if you read a book or watch a movie you need to “get a life” ? This point has been made many times, but video games on smartphones are, for a majority, just a hobby, not an addiction. If you can’t have fun because of three dudes that think they’ll get famous, but will only end up forgotten three weeks later, then they’re just plainly stupid.

    If you tell me “yeah, but Pokémon GO caused accidents all over America and other countries as well. It’s somewhat better if we can’t play it.”, I’ll just respond with “yeah, but it’s not because of Pokémon GO. Lots of people got injured because of other smartphone games in the past. While the frequency of those accidents might’ve increased because of Pokémon GO, most media search a way to be clickbait-y by putting a “famous” game in the title. There are many stories of people getting injured while playing games on their phones, but putting “he died while playing “match-3 the great adventure or whatever” on your news title won’t bring as many people/clicks and will generate less revenue”. Yes, this is horrendous, but it’s most likely true…

    Honestly, they might not even do anything on August first, and claim that “it was just a prank”… ah… ah… ah, soooo funny. In that case, congrats guys, you only got hated and / or forgotten by pretty much everybody that heard of you… Good luck building relationships after that…

  5. Wow I didn’t know I would see the physical form of cancer in a rat/gnome hybrid on this place like searously just couldn’t you get a video from someone who isn’t literal cancer


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