Dokonoko is a Pet App From EarthBound Creator Shigesato Itoi

Dokonoko, a Pet App From EarthBound Creator Shigesato Itoi
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EarthBound creator Shigesato Itoi has released a mobile app called Dokonoko, a social network for bringing friends of cats and dogs together.

Itoi’s critically acclaimed and quirky Mother series ended more than a decade ago on Game Boy Advance, but that doesn’t mean the legendary game designer has stopped developing. Dokonoko (ドコノコ in Japanese), released on June 5 for iOS users, may not be the RPG experience Itoi is known for, but cats and dogs everywhere are sure to lap it up.

Note: “Dokonoko” in Japanese means “Where are you from?”

Dokonoko is a new social network for friends of cats and dogs everywhere — a place to keep a protective eye on your own pets, your friends’ pets, and even strays with no human family at all,” reads a portion of the app’s description on iTunes. “Share pictures, vital data, and identifying features so that the animals you love are never alone, even when they’re lost or in trouble.”

Before starting the app, users are required to check boxes for the following:

  1. I will protect my pets and keep them healthy.
  2. I will care for all animals equally and properly.
  3. I will do all I can to help animals in need.

Owning a pet is not a requirement, however. Notebooks can be created for “anything besides photos of your pet, such as illustrations, photo galleries of stray cats and dogs, photos of cute animal merchandise, etc.”

This isn’t the first mobile app from Itoi, either. In Jan 2011, his company Tokyo Itoi Shigesato Office Inc. released an iPhone/iPad app called “Itoi’s Non-Smoking Diary,” a program that incorporates an 80-day journal to help smokers kick their habit. (For years, Itoi was a heavy smoker, and this was his inspiration behind developing the app.)

Dokonoko is free to download on Apple iTunes and is available in both English and Japanese. Android users will have a chance to download the app in late July.

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