Secret River City Ransom Password Discovered

Secret River City Ransom Password Discovered

After launching nearly 27 years ago on the NES, a programmer cracked a River City Ransom password unknown to the public until this month.

Joel Yliluoma, perhaps better known as “Bisqwit” on YouTube, loves electronics. Yliluoma also founded TASVideos, “a community dedicated to creating and publishing Tool-Assisted Superplay (TAS) videos.”

In early September, Bisqwit created a new YouTube series called “Cracking Videogame Passwords.” In it, he explains in great detail how he disassembles different game ROM files to extract passwords from the code. In his latest episode, Bisqwit shared a River City Ransom password that’s never been documented.

Those familiar with River City Ransom know how tedious its password system can be. Thankfully, Bisqwit’s “jackpot” password is extremely simple — not to mention easy to remember.

The following password maxes out a player’s money (wealth) and stats, and includes all six technique books. In addition, it changes the player’s name to “Shin.” (Please note that dashes represent blank spaces.)

“Jackpot” Password

MShin – – – – – –
Technos – – – –
Japan – – – – – –

Of course, the methods Bisqwit used to figure out the password is a bit advanced; however, the 12-minute video below briefly details how he worked his magic.

Nintendo News tested the above River City Ransom password for the Virtual Console version of the game on Nintendo 3DS. Unsurprisingly, it worked as intended and even had us excited enough to play for a good 30 or so minutes.

River City Ransom Password Cracking

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