Someone Built a Mini NES Powered by Raspberry Pi

Someone Built a Mini NES Powered by Raspberry Pi

An electronics hobbyist built a Raspberry Pi-powered miniature version of Nintendo’s 1985 NES console, and it plays NFC-based cartridges.

The idea on Nintendo releasing a NES Classic Edition system this November may strike a nostalgic funny bone in retro enthusiasts. But tech junkies — and fans alike — may get a kick out of YouTube user daftmike‘s latest nod to the 30-year-old video game system that some refer to as their babysitter while growing up.

“It was inevitable,” daftmike wrote on his blog Wednesday. “I have a Raspberry Pi, I have a 3D printer, and I’m a huge nerd. At some point I was going to print a case for it in the shape of the old Nintendo Entertainment System.”

The final product is a fully functional pint-sized replica of the original NES, only way cuter. “Fond memories is just as much a part of my nostalgia for the system as playing the games themselves, and I had some ideas of how I could pay homage to it using the Raspberry Pi.”

According to daftmike, the project started before Nintendo announced their Mini NES earlier this month. Much of his time was spent on 3D printing plastic replicas for the NES case and its NFC game cartridges. There was a fair amount of coding involved, too. He laid out all the details here.

In daftmike’s video below, he explains how his Raspberry Pi Mini NES Classic Console works. He also demos a few games, giving Rad Racer a go with a scaled down 3D printed NES controller.

Raspberry Pi Mini NES Classic Console

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