PAX Prime 2015 Community Pays Tribute to Satoru Iwata

PAX Prime 2015 Community Pays Tribute to Satoru Iwata

The PAX Prime 2015 community honored late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata during this year’s event held in Seattle, Washington.

The tragic passing of Mr. Iwata on July 11, 2015 left a lasting impression on not only Nintendo fans, but the entire gaming community. At this year’s PAX Prime in Seattle from August 28-31, a vertical banner (shown below) was displayed to pay tribute to Iwata.

“The PAX Prime 2015 Community would like to acknowledge Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata for his accomplishments and contributions,” reads the banner. “Without him, we would not be the people and gamers that we are today. Thank you, Iwata-san. For everything.”

An illustration of Iwata flanked by a decorative Super Mario Bros. 30th anniversary motif is located beneath the written words.

PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) is held annually in the United States and Australia. The shows in Seattle, Washington and Boston, Massachusetts represent the largest gaming events in North America, drawing tens of thousands of fans each year.

Numerous video game software and merchandise vendors make their way to PAX yearly to show off their latest products. Anything from tabletop games to gaming booths to cosplay can be found at each event.

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PAX Prime 2015 Community Tribute to Iwata



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