Nintendo: Zelda Maker Might Be a Difficult Task

Nintendo: Zelda Maker Might Be a Difficult Task

With Super Mario Maker approaching its September release on Wii U, the idea of creating a future “Zelda Maker” is one Nintendo says might pose a challenge.

Super Mario Maker puts players in the director’s chair, allowing them to create — using the Wii U GamePad — and play their own custom levels based on past titles in the Super Mario Bros. series. This unique idea has generated positive reception among Nintendo fans, leaving some curious about a future build-it-and-play-it Zelda title.

During this year’s E3 event, Game Informer spoke to Super Mario Maker producer Takashi Tezuka and the game’s director Yosuke Oshino about the possibility of a Zelda Maker.

“Zelda Maker might be a challenge to make I think. Personally, making Super Mario Maker that was a challenge in itself, and we hope that it’s a success, so thank you for saying that, but I think that might be a difficult task.”

Unlike the Super Mario Bros. series, titles in the Zelda series are not designed as traditional side-scrolling platformers. That fact alone would force Nintendo to take a very different direction if indeed they ever decided to produce a Zelda Maker.

Super Mario Maker, originally named Mario Maker, will release on Wii U in North America on September 11. It will include 100 premade courses designed by Nintendo.

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    • Well, if you going to say that…
      There were plenty of programs that you could use to make Mario levels like Mario Maker, or even better.
      It’s the fact it could be official, and a professional grade (Not saying Zelda Classic isn’t) level editor from Nintendo, that includes things only they would have. For example, in most Mario editors, you can’t ride a high-heel inside a shoe inside a Clown Car while on Yoshi, but in Mario Maker you can.

      • Considering how far deep Mario World has been broken into, I can safely say that you could probably do much, much more than Super Mario Maker ever could.


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