Nintendo Social Media Survey Investigates amiibo Popularity


Nintendo Social Media Survey Investigates Amiibo Popularity

If you have a bit of free time — well, maybe more than a “bit” — you can help Nintendo by filling out their lengthy online survey. It’s meant to gauge fan interest in various Nintendo social media accounts, but questions regarding amiibo, PlayStation and Jimmy Fallon are also in the mix.

The Nintendo social media survey begins with basic demographic questions (age, gender, etc.), but quickly moves on to your history with Nintendo. What current systems do you own? Do you prefer to download games or purchase physical discs? How much time do you spend playing video games? Do you own Xbox or PlayStation systems?

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The bulk of the survey, however, asks respondents about their engagement with Nintendo’s social media channels. Questions range from which services you follow to what types of content you’d like to see posted. There are numerous opportunities to offer your own personal feedback or ideas to Nintendo, so if you want to speak up, now’s your chance.

Amiibo figures receive some love, too. Nintendo would like to know which toy is your favorite, why you collect them, and your ideas for amiibo in games going forward. The company is also wondering what is the most you’ve ever spent on collectible Nintendo memorabilia. For some of us, that’s probably more than we’d like to admit.

Nintendo’s quirky personality slips into a few questions to lighten the mood. In one, they ask if Mario and Luigi would win a battle against Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel. Those designer suits and fancy ties better be fire-resistant, gentlemen!

Ready to begin? The Nintendo social media survey awaits your answering.


  1. If you go through the whole survey they even ask a few startling questions about possibly making an ongoing series and if you would watch it and what kind of a series it should be Animated, Live action, other?? This may suggest that they ARE planning some kind of series.


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