My Nintendo Ticket Included With Nintendo Classic Mini Famicom

My Nintendo Ticket Included With Nintendo Classic Mini Famicom

A My Nintendo ticket stub will be included inside the box for each Nintendo Classic Mini Famicom when the system launches this November.

Nintendo’s former rewards program, Club Nintendo, allowed consumers to register eligible hardware and software in return for virtual “Coins,” which could then be used to redeem physical and digital rewards. But while the company’s current rewards program, My Nintendo, does not offer a similar incentive, things may change in the near future.

According to the “what’s included” section for the Nintendo Classic Mini Famicom, as seen on Nintendo’s official Japanese website, the following piece of information is included:

  • マイニンテンドー番号チケット 1枚

Translated, the above note reads “One My Nintendo number ticket.” Nintendo News contacted a Nintendo of America representative to check whether or not a similar ticket would be included with the NES Classic Edition, but the person was unaware of any information related to the matter.

The purpose of the My Nintendo ticket is currently unclear; however, it’s likely consumers will once again be able to register hardware, just as they were able to with Club Nintendo. Perhaps they will even earn My Nintendo Platinum or Gold points in return.

The Nintendo Classic Mini Famicom website also notes another interesting piece of information. The microphone, as seen on the system’s second controller, does not function — it’s there for aesthetic purposes only.

The NES Classic Edition and the Nintendo Classic Mini Famicom include pre-installed copies of 30 of some of the most classic 8-bit Nintendo games. Both systems launch on November 11 at the suggested retail price of $60. Official trailers for each system are included below.

NES Classic Edition Features

Nintendo Classic Famicom Mini Intro

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